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    Many clients just wish increased consistency while others are looking for significant improvement, lowering their handicap and ultimately reaching their potential.  Once clear objectives have been set and agreed between coach and client a plan will be designed to achieve them.  This player focused approach will lead to sessions being delivered and results being influenced in a number of different ways:

    Improvement and Success is - Knowledge + Foundations + Positions Through Movement = PERFORMANCE
  • Set up and Technique improvement
  • Effective practice habits and Drills
  • Course management and making the right choices
    There are so many misconceptions about golf swing technique which can lead to a certain negative effect in performance. Swansea Golf Coaching will help change these beliefs to ensure your golf swing becomes a more natural to the client and repeatable motion to perform. Swansea Golf Lessons will help all their clients understand how to reduce their negative perceptions of movement and feel to increate knowledge of a positive technique to perform at their potential or reach personal goals.
Start learning golf today! Taking up the game of golf is now far more accessible than you may think! Take a look around my site for informaiton on how to get started, free tips, and local golf news.

Limited spaces available in our Junior groups. Give it a go - The 1st lesson will be FREE ! Yes FREE!  To book your child into one of our groups please contact Gethin:

Telephone: 07990 894 009
Email: gethincollins@swanseagolflessons.co.uk


# Lessons & School Cost Notes
Indivudal Video analysis and launch data instruction lessons £30.00 ½ Hour Video analysis or launch data technology can be used for all aspects of golf from putting through to your driving
Couple Video analysis and launch data lessons £40 Per Hour
£50 Per 1 ½ Hour
Indivudal Launch analysis session £40 Per Hour  
Indivudal Gapping session 40 Per Hour  
Indivudal On course 9 hole playing lesson with an insight to management £80 -
Group Adult group sessons, 4 week course £30 per person Maximum 8 per group, analysis included
Group Driving and short game, 2 hour seminars £15 per person Minimum 5 per group, analysis included

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